The Beatz

Whoever books The Beatz has already won. - Because this extraordinary show act from St. Gallen has much more on it than just making good music. An evening withThe Beatz begins when the lights go out and the spot falls on a logo that somehow reminds you of "The Godfather". The air flickers. The audience holds its breath. Out of nowhere come three southern men with a touch of mafia flair. They wear stylish tailor-made suits, the whole stage sparkles cool in perfect black and white, and a scene from "Scarface" can be heard from somewhere. Then suddenly the trio puts on such a massive show of funk, soul and rock classics that the hall starts to tremble - and the audience is there too. "Of course, our roots in Greece and Italy have an influence on the band's energy," frontman Gee explains. "We talk a lot live with each other, we tear up slogans and are just relaxed. The mafia vibe, perfect light and great sound create a kind of total artwork at the concerts, which also sweeps us along. Together with the audience we dive into this world for one night. But even if the stage is smaller or we can't drive the complete lightshow, we give full throttle - "The Beatz just doesn't exist with half power".

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